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Innovation is at the heart of the forefront of the Gainerie 91 group to offer its customers high-performance technological solutions ahead of the curve and in tune with the market. The teams of the Design & Development office, the Paris studio and the sourcing office constantly carry out a broad technological watch and relentlessly study the innovations from French and international start-ups to combine them effectively with the ancestral know-how of Gainerie 91.

Authentic material Upcycled materials for a circular economy

Sustainable packaging is an extremely relevant issue for luxury players, just as it is imperative to reduce the impact of our industry. Gainerie 91 and Authentic Material combine their expertise to support luxury Firms in an eco-responsible approach and to offer more natural and respectful alternatives to the materials currently used. "Our goal is to offer our customers the opportunity to use between 60% to 100% bio-based natural materials from Authentic Material techniques for their packaging and merchandising."

ISG The eco-responsibility of packaging is at the heart of design thinking

A long-term partnership was established in 2019 with the Design Objet department of the Institut Sainte Geneviève (Paris). Every year, at the initiative of Gainerie 91, a new generation of students is introduced to the challenges of sustainable development. With a fresh look, young designers express their vision of the world, luxury and the future through packaging or PLV projects, supported by the Gainerie 91 team. The best projects are prototyped in our workshops, presented, and confronted to market constraints.

Serycine Producing shapes thanks to the natural weaving of silk

Since 2017, Gainerie 91 has worked with Sericyne to study the untapped skills of silkworms in weaving. This partnership considers the possibility of creating and producing shapes from natural silk produced in France: silkworms no longer produce cocoons but rather directly weave objects of various shapes, a potential still untapped.

Arca Woowood for new forms of cabinetmaking

Since 2018, Gainerie 91 has been working with ARCA art cabinetmaking around their flagship innovation: Woowood. Innovative, this type of marquetry is flexible and has the interesting feature of matching the volume of the object it covers. With Gainerie 91, ARCA woodworking has developed a drawer box for a bottle of champagne using the unusual properties of Woowood to both protect and reveal the curves of the bottle.

Ictyos Wager on French salmon leather in our packaging

It was on the occasion of the prestigious Baselworld 2018 trade fair that ICTYOS Cuir Marin de France joined forces with the Gainerie 91 group for a promotion / seduction operation for SQUAMA, high-quality salmon leather used until then for the making of watch straps, diversifying its use towards exceptional packaging.

Ekceli Ennobling luxury packaging with embroidery

Ekceli embroidery allows Gainerie 91 to offer embroidered embellishments for tailor-made products. As in haute couture, our customers have the possibility of producing highly expressive and exceptional jewellery boxes and carrying cases, in one-off or small series, to promote exceptional products.

Replicart Sculpture and casting with an artistic expression

Replicart is our partner, involved upstream in the development of prototypes, unique pieces and small series specialized in sculpture and moulding. This makes it possible to meet any type of tailor-made request by offering shapes made by hand by craftsmen with ancestral know-how.