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In 2020, Gainerie 91 opens a sourcing office in Dongguan, China. The experts at this service specialize in finding factories and partners that cannot be found from Europe. This bilingual network makes it possible to facilitate communication with contacts from Chinese factories and to supplement the know-how specific to the various production sites providing innovative solutions, while always guaranteeing rigorous compliance with the required quality levels and continued guarantees of social responsibility.


Gainerie 91 launches a new location in the heart of Paris: a 100 m2 space that is both a showroom to receive loyal Parisian customers and a creative studio hosting the company's team of designers. Between ideation and iteration, design thinking and prototyping, experiments and realizations, this creative team with an evolving collaborative spirit carries out the design and development of innovative projects, for clients and for internal innovation processes.


Gainerie 91 and Authentic Material, a company specializing in the design and production of innovative upcycled materials from natural materials, combine their strengths in a partnership agreement in order to support luxury Firms in their eco-responsible approach. With particular attention paid to reducing the environmental impacts of production, this partnership aims to best meet the RSE requirements of customers and the current ecological challenges which are now inevitable.


Gainerie 91 and Replicart join forces to offer their customers a wider range of tailor-made solutions ranging from sculpture to modelling casting to surface treatments. After 20 years of collaboration, Replicart is now involved upstream in the development of prototypes, unique pieces, or small series. The Gainerie 91 Group is thus pursuing its strategy of integrating fine crafts, initiated since its creation, to always support the largest Firms better.


DeliaPack Portugal joins the Gainerie 91 Group and becomes Gainerie 91 Portugal. With its expertise in "Made in Europe" leather, it benefits from the absence of customs duties in the Euro zone and the USA zone. Great export flexibility with delivery times within 48 hours. This site supports small to large quantities productions.

2017 50 YEARS

Gainerie 91 celebrates more than 50 years of leadership in the manufacture of cases, PLV, lacquered boxes for fine jewellery, watches, wine and spirits, perfumes, and cosmetics. This anniversary year was an opportunity for the company to salute the loyalty of its prestigious clients and to proudly affirm the development and continuous adaptation of the Gainerie 91 Group and its production capacities.


Gainerie 91 expands its sales department in Switzerland with the acquisition of Packin'G91, a sales office located in La Neuveville, Switzerland. Packin'G91 closely supports major watch brands in their most ambitious projects, in partnership with major international groups.


In 2021, the company received the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine vivant - Living Heritage Company) seal of quality from the French state. This certification guaranties that Gainerie 91 has proven it preserves the know-how of its craftsmen. Indeed, Gainerie 91 protects French know-how and provides continuous support to ensure over time the maintenance of the exceptional skills of its craftsmen. Not only Gainerie 91 promotes this heritage and expertise throughout the world as Ambassador of the French EPV Label, each factory is also regularly audited at the initiative of the company or of its prestigious clients. Engaged in a permanent cycle of improvement supported by a responsible policy meeting the new challenges that arise, the group has, depending on the sites, essential certifications (SA8000, FSC, etc.) and supports the most demanding audits which include all aspects of responsible business practices (REACH regulations, CITES biodiversity conservation, etc.), formalized by the SMETA 4 pillars which covers all aspects of labour, health and safety, environment and business ethics.


With the acquisition of Sejac, the group acquires new expertise in marquetry: the artisanal production of small objects made of precious wood, ivory, shell, etc... This allows to meet all the requests of our customers, particularly in wines & spirits with precious boxes in exotic wood veneer and varnished wood.


Gainerie 91 set up Easybox in southern China, a factory specializing in the manufacture of multi-material products whose production capacity allows for larger quantities. While each production site has an integrated carpentry, this production site is integrating specific departments such as a metal workshop, a technical development office and a sourcing office. The local design office, in close collaboration with the French Design & Development studio, ensures the development and monitoring of projects, from the design phase to production.


At the end of 2003, a sales office took up residence in New York to maintain greater proximity with certain customers, major Firms in the Americas, and thus guarantee better interactions and effective responses to specific needs.


In 2002, Arnaud Haefelin took over the management of Gainerie 91 and developed the company until the creation of the Gainerie 91 Group. In 2002, Gainerie 91 acquired Covertech in Mauritius, a production site specializing in leather covering and all luxurious materials, for small and medium series, with 38 years of expertise in its field of activity. 200 employees within Covertech, a member of Sedex Smeta 4 pillars, have flexibility, confidentiality, and responsiveness to serve customers around the world.


Gainerie 91, then a family company, was founded in 1967. The original expertise of the company was mainly in leather goods, covering, sewing, gilding, and leather - a real favourite material. Gainerie 91 was already producing, in addition to the usual orders, special parts such as airplane interiors and office furniture. Since 1972, the largest luxury firms have called on Gainerie 91: Chaumet, Boucheron, Chanel, Van Cleef & Arpels, etc. 50 years later, they remain faithful to Gainerie 91.