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The design and development office supports sales representatives and their clients both during the design and implementation phases of their projects to achieve viable quality productions. A true interface between the customer, factories and salespeople, the team of designers, both creative and technical, play a facilitating role to streamline interactions and optimize production.


Gainerie 91 can offer original creations and innovative solutions to meet the most delicate projects. In our Parisian offices, the creation - tailor-made and adapted to the requirements of our customers - is carried out in direct contact with the craftsmen of our factories and other contributors of the project.


With great expertise in the technical field, Gainerie 91 can successfully develop any type of project. Aware of the value of the know-how of our craftsmen and constantly on the lookout for the latest technological innovations, the Design and Development team knows how to respond effectively to current technical challenges by ensuring great control over productions.

Technical Development

In a desire to continuously improve our methods and know-how, the department will not hesitate to establish a Research & Development process to identify efficient and appropriate technical solutions that meet the specifications of any specific development, thus ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers.